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Artists Strengthening Communities

Be a champion of the arts for your community

The arts is at the heart of community building. It has the ability to unite diverse people, empower and build trust between them, and create abiding appreciation for and pride in their communities. Artists possess the magic to reimagine worlds, visualise solutions and improve wellbeing. But they need your support.

Infuse: Artists Strengthening Communities provides free, inclusive and heartfelt arts experiences to communities across the ACT region. Led by both emerging and established professional artists, Infuse sessions are focussed on improving your sense of wellbeing and giving you a safe space to creatively experiment and connect with your community.

Community is the places you live and work, the people you know; it is the effort you put in to the world around you. Infuse is committed to helping you affect real, lasting change in your communities through the power of art, guided by your local artists.

You can provide greater access to the arts and support artists who devote themselves to their communities by donating to Infuse today. All funds received by Belco Arts go towards paying artists to lead these sessions, so you can be certain your donation is directly supporting artists.

We encourage you to support Infuse through ongoing monthly donations. For less than the price of one coffee per week, you can have a real impact on the arts in the ACT region. Your donation is fully tax-deductible. Please pledge what you can, and be sure to let others know how they can help their communities through Infuse.

Thank you wholeheartedly from the team at Belco Arts for your donations, you are the kind of person every community needs!

Frequently Asked Questions
Where will my donation go?
To Canberra & ACT Region-based artists and creatives.

How much of what I donate will go to artists?
Belco Arts will pass on 100% of the funds we receive after processing fees, and bear all administrative costs ourselves. Artists will be paid their fee plus superannuation. We have selected a fundraising platform with the lowest fees we could find, and we have negotiated a special non-profit rate for small transactions with the payment processor. Processing fees vary depending on how much is donated. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt each month, and at the end of the financial year.

When will artists receive funds?
We can engage artists as soon as we receive enough donations to pay their fees, and they will be paid in advance for each phase of their work to ensure they receive the funds as soon as possible.

How long is each project and how many will there be?
Projects are of variable durations, and the number of projects is reliant on donation levels. The more generously you give, the more projects that can be supported.

What kind of work will be created?
These will depend on the artists and communities selected – this could be visual art, music, performance, writing, or any other art form which helps the community to share their story.

How can I change my monthly donation amount?
You can manage this yourself through an online account, created for you when you donate, or email us and we can help.

How will artists be selected?
Artists are selected through direct contact and through open call-outs, under Belco Arts’ usual programming processes.

How else can I help?
Please share Infuse with friends, family and colleagues, and use the social media buttons to spread the word. Thank you!