Oil Painting with the Impressionists

Oil Painting with the Impressionists with Michele England

Oil Painting with the Impressionists

With Michele England

6-8:30pm Wednesdays

28 October – 2 December 2020

$350 per person

Includes all materials

This workshop series will investigate oil painting techniques popular with the Impressionists – the well-known French painters, as well as select Australian and American impressionist painters. Participants will be shown how to paint alla prima and techniques such as sgraffito, pointillism and wet in wet will be detailed.

Topics covered include oil paint know-how, colour palette and mixing colours, mark-making and how to add interest and mood through composition. Each week, impressionist painters will be looked at for their subject matter, colour schemes and technique.

Workshop Content

Week 1
Table setup with still life, like Cezanne for alla prima. Understand how to make a painting in one session. Learn about oil painting basics – what are oil paints, what do you need to know about mediums and oil painting processes. An alla prima painting on coloured ground will be completed. Artist discussed – Paul Cezanne.

Week 2
Landscape and the banishment of earth colours. Learn about the impressionist colour palette. Discover colour mixing techniques and colour combinations favoured by the impressionists. Artist discussed –Claude Monet.

Week 3
Continuing landscape – capturing light through marks. Discover how to use your paintbrushes effectively by exploring how the impressionists made marks in their paintings. Marks explored include dashes, flicks, pointillism, wet in wet. Artist discussed – John Russell.

Week 4
Interiors – broken colour. Find out what the Impressionists did differently with their painting compositions. Using this knowledge, participants will start on a two-week painting based on an interior scene with or without the figure. Artists discussed – Mary Cassatt and Edgar Degas.

Week 5
Interiors, more about mark-making. Looking at mark-making again, participants will discover other techniques such as sgraffito, rubbing out; the interior composition will be completed. Artist discussed – Berthe Morisot.

Week 6
The still life, using card as a support. Using all the information and techniques learnt over the last five weeks, participants will make a work on cardboard. A still life setup will be used. Artist discussed – Henri de Toulouse Lautrec.

Michele England

About Michele England

Michele England is an artist whose work investigates issues regarding the environment on which we depend. Michele is intently interested in making works that engage your eyes, body and mind. Her artistic output is mostly paintings, textiles or small sculpture/assemblage. The paintings often use a colourful palette, and she prefers to paint in oils, gouache and watercolour.

Michele also enjoys combining the practices of art and craft. This pursuit produces works that utilises craft techniques with everyday objects to make interesting metamorphoses and contextual changes to these objects. Michele studied Visual Arts at ANU School of Art & Design, and since graduating has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in Canberra and interstate. Her work has been shortlisted in several art awards across Australia.

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