Artwork by Michelle Day.


with Michelle Day

An Infuse: Artists Strengthening Communities session

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Online via Zoom
12-1:30pm Saturday 18 December 2021

Free, but bookings essential

Light is a symbol of hope, positivity and joy – come and bask in it!

This festive, all-ages Infuse session will give you and your family the chance to relax and re-energise for the holiday season through a collaborative making adventure. Join artist Michelle Day as she teaches you how to pair recycled plastic milk bottles with lights to create unique illuminated creations.

You can enjoy experimenting and playing with everyday materials, and transform them into captivating decorations that will add the perfect festive touch to your home. Suitable for all ages, intergenerational making is encouraged in this session, as is sharing ideas, designs and techniques with other participants. Work from the comfort of home while you make new friends, play and experiment with art.

Designed for all ages and levels of ability, you can participate at your own level of comfort and are able to drop in at any point. The session will be as inclusive as possible and focus on coming together in a safe, shared space to enjoy some communal creative time.

Note: There is some equipment required to fully participate in this session, as well as some optional materials and equipment you can choose whether to use. This session is designed for all ages, however children should always be supervised when using needles, scissors, hot glue guns or any other potentially hazardous materials or equipment.

Required materials and equipment

  • 2-5 plastic milk bottles (2-3L is fine)
  • Masking tape or white cloth tape (clear tape may also be useful)
  • Scissors (small scissors such as nail scissors are ideal for manoeuvring around corners and making fine shapes in milk bottle plastic)
  • Glue gun or fast setting glue
  • A light source that does not emit high heat, such as fairy lights, battery powered candles, nightlights or torches (milk bottle plastic has a low melting temperature so must not be placed close to a high heat source)


  • Stapler
  • Sewing needles (capable of piercing plastic milk bottles)
  • Small pliers (for holding needle)
  • White string, thread, wool or fishing line
  • Split pin paper fasteners (for joining plastic pieces together)

About Michelle Day

Michelle Day is a Canberra based sculptor and installation artist. She often creates her work from translucent, delicate materials, using light and illumination as a key material throughout her art practice as a representation of warmth, hope and life. Michelle has exhibited nationally in Canberra, Melbourne, Ballarat and Sydney, and internationally in Thailand, Japan and New Zealand.

Michelle completed her MFA (by research) at Chiang Mai University Faculty of Fine Art in 2017 and her Bachelor of Visual Arts at The Australian National University School of Art in 2009 in Textiles and Sculpture. She has been the recipient of several prestigious grants including from the Australia Council for the Arts, artsACT, Freedman Foundation and the Australian embassy in Thailand.

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