IGNITE is an engaged, contemporary and innovative arts collective for artists with lived experience of disability, mental health issues and the d/Deaf and HOH (Hard of Hearing). IGNITE assists in the development of artists’ aspirations and their repertoire of skills in creative practice. We aim to foster cultural diversity and remove barriers for these artists as makers and viewers. IGNITE aims to support and nurture the aspirations of our artists and to assist in broadening experience, skills and networks. IGNITE works to improve access and opportunities for this creative collective to engage in all areas of arts and culture, including employment, education and leadership roles.

IGNITE programs provide a variety of challenging and exciting arts development experiences for people living with disability, the d/Deaf, HOH and mental health issues. IGNITE programs are mostly free of charge and cater to all levels of skill and experience, from the beginner looking for a new interest, through to hobbyists and the professional practitioner.

Want to participate?

If you have not previously attended any IGNITE programs, please contact IGNITE Programs Officer, Heidi Lefebvre, via heidi@belcoarts.com.au or (02) 6173 3346.