Belco Arts’ IGNITE program supports artists who identify as disabled, d/Deaf, HOH (hard of hearing), chronically ill, neurodiverse or have mental health experience.

IGNITE assists in the development of artists’ aspirations and their repertoire of skills in creative practice. We aim to foster cultural diversity and remove barriers for artists as makers and viewers.

IGNITE works to improve access, opportunities, and champions engagement in all areas of arts and culture, including employment, education, and leadership roles. 

IGNITE programs are mostly free of charge and cater to all levels of skill and experience.

*Please note, different language around disability varies from community to community. These nuances acknowledge that language is a living thing that changes with and in response to experience, discussion, and debate. We welcome all those self-identifying as experiencing barriers in the societies where they live. This includes those with lived experience of learning disability, mental health experiences, and those who identify as neurodivergent.

Want to participate?

Please contact us at hello@belcoarts.com.au with any questions or to join our mailing list and hear about upcoming opportunities.