IGNITE: Makers

IGNITE: Makers

IGNITE: Makers

Building skills and side-by-side making

When: 11am-1pm Thursdays

Where: Belconnen Arts Centre, 118 Emu Bank, Belconnen ACT and other locations as advised

Cost: Free

Access information: Access at Belco Arts (PDF)

Participation: 10 people

Contact: IGNITE Programs Officer, Heidi Lefebvre – heidi@belcoarts.com.au

IGNITE: Makers is part of a suite of accessible arts learning and development opportunities for artists who are disabled, d/Deaf or HOH (Hard of Hearing), chronically ill, neurodiverse or have mental health experience.

IGNITE: Makers is a hands-on creative learning experience, facilitated by professional artist tutors. Classes take place in one of Belconnen Arts Centre’s accessible workshops. Participants are supported to build new skills, develop confidence in and reflect on their own creative practice. IGNITE: Makers develop their full artistic potential in their own way and time. Workshops include drawing, painting, ceramics, craft, sculpture and writing to support creative outcomes, including creating work for exhibition.

Stop Motion Animation Film Making

With Eleanor and Giovanni

11am-1pm Thursdays

This workshop has been postponed due to the ACT lockdown. Please get in touch with Heidi to book in now and new dates will be confirmed when possible.


In this workshop, Eleanor and Giovanni will teach participants how to make their own
animated films and moving art. In each hands-on class, participants will get the
opportunity to work with different animation techniques and materials. By the end
of the class, workshop participants will have created a variety of animated projects
individually and as a group.

Contact Heidi at heidi@belcoarts.com.au to enrol in this workshop.

Workshop Content

Week 1 (26 Aug)
Learn the basics of animation and how to use the stop motion application on their devices. Participants
will get hands-on with plasticine and claymation.

Week 2 (2 Sep)
Explore how everyday objects can come alive using stop motion animation.

Week 3 (9 Sep)
Work collaboratively as a team to learn how to make an experimental animation on paper.

Week 4 (16 Sep)
Human pixelation is the art of animation using people as puppets, in this class
participants will work together to create an animation using people as puppets. In
this class, participants will have an opportunity to direct the class.

Week 5 (23 Sep)
Eleanor and Giovanni will help participants working alone or with a friend plan their own animation project.
Participants will choose a technique, a theme and make a plan or write a short story
that they can use to start their project.

Week 6 (30 Sep)
Participants will have self-directed open studio time to continue to work on their projects and add finishing touches.

About Eleanor and Giovanni

Eleanor and Giovanni are a pair of stop motion animators working in the Belconnen
area. They are passionate about working with real materials in animation and
combining animation with music. Their music videos have been screened at multiple
festivals around the world and have won several national awards. They divide their
time between running animation workshops and creating handcrafted animated
music videos for musicians.

Eleanor and Giovanni both hold a masters of stop motion animation from the
University of Central Catalonia/BAU design college.

Learn more about Eleanor and Giovanni: eleanorgiovanni.com

More info

Please contact Belco Arts via email, or phone (02) 6173 3300.