IGNITE: Makers

IGNITE: Makers

IGNITE: Makers is part of a suite of accessible arts learning and development opportunities for people with lived experience of disability, mental health issues, the d/Deaf and HOH (Hard of Hearing) who experience barriers to formal training. IGNITE: Makers provides practical hands-on visual art learning experiences and is led by professional artists and tutors in a supportive and accessible environment.

IGNITE: Makers aims to assist participants to develop their full artistic potential in their own way and time. Participants engage in hands-on making projects to gain or strengthen their knowledge of specific art-making skills and techniques such as drawing, painting and sculpture. Learners are immersed in an environment of art language and concepts, enabling them to develop the vocabulary to understand and describe their art processes, analyse their work and explain their ideas in a professional arts context. Outcomes typically include creating work for exhibition, engendering a sense of achievement and assisting participants to see themselves as creative artists.

If you have not previously attended any IGNITE programs, please contact Public Programs Officer, Ann McMahon, via ann@belcoarts.com.au or (02) 6173 3320.

Close up of an artist-created book, with handstitched binding and hand-painted pages

Making Artist Books

With Maria Cofinas

11am-1pm Thursdays

11 February – 25 March 2021

Includes all materials.

In this workshop series, Maria Cofinas encourages you to be creative, think outside the box and gather up collections of “stuff” around the house or in your craft and art supply stash. You will be learning to use a variety of materials and easy techniques to create and bind your own custom-made books to suit your needs. Your imagination is your only limit in making books/journals for collecting and storing daily memories, mementos, photos, inspiring quotes, or anything that crosses your path during the course of the day that you might want to remember in years to come. She will show you how to create add on pages, hidden spots, pockets, envelopes and more. You will also be learning to make and use simple closures, different ways of adding variety to pages, pockets and tucks, handmade envelopes and book covers each week.

Workshop Content

Week 1
Discussion about bookbinding with examples, selecting the type of binding to suit your purpose, selecting papers for your book; repurposing existing supplies around the house, asking family and friends, buying second-hand supplies. Description of tools and media used during the workshops and exploring what is in your kit.

Week 2
Accordion and folded books.

Week 3
Glue bound books; making pockets and tucks.

Week 4
Ring binding – make your own using a binder/folder; elastic, fabric and ribbon binding; making envelopes.

Week 5
Altered books – repurposing existing books and making hand-painted papers.

Weeks 6 & 7
Stitched binding – hand stitching pamphlet and saddle; examples of books bound using a sewing machine.

About Maria Cofinas

Maria Cofinas is a visionary artist, incorporating intentional creativity, environmental sustainability and symbolism into her creative practice.

Her approach to creating with intention has led to varied artistic pursuits including scrapbooking, art journaling, gardening, cooking, bookmaking, painting and 3D works in many mediums.

Maria changed careers in 2016 to pursue her lifelong love of the arts. She joined IGNITE and contributed to exhibitions around Canberra. In 2018, Maria was awarded the CAPO Belconnen Arts Centre Inclusion Award.

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