IGNITE: Makers

IGNITE: Makers

Due to COVID-19, workshops are currently offered online only.

IGNITE: Makers is part of a suite of accessible arts learning and development opportunities for people with lived experience of disability, mental health issues, the d/Deaf and HOH (Hard of Hearing) who experience barriers to formal training. IGNITE: Makers provides practical hands-on visual art learning experiences and is led by professional artists and tutors in a supportive and accessible environment.

IGNITE: Makers aims to assist participants to develop their full artistic potential in their own way and time. Participants engage in hands-on making projects to gain or strengthen their knowledge of specific art-making skills and techniques such as drawing, painting and sculpture. Learners are immersed in an environment of art language and concepts, enabling them to develop the vocabulary to understand and describe their art processes, analyse their work and explain their ideas in a professional arts context. Outcomes typically include creating work for exhibition, engendering a sense of achievement and assisting participants to see themselves as creative artists.

If you have not previously attended any IGNITE programs, please contact IGNITE Programs Officer, Penny Pollard, via penny@belcoarts.com.au or 0406 921 304 (text message only).

Wax Carving Casting

Wax Carving Casting
With Ceilidh Dalton

Online, 11am-12pm Monday

31 August – 28 September 2020

Using a soft, non-toxic sculpting wax, students will be shown how to form, texture and finish a unique and original pendant. Students will develop skills in transforming a conceptual 2D original image through the design process into a functional 3D object. They will gain an understanding of design and material limitations, common failure points, the lost wax casting process and how that influences design.

Students will learn about the different design types of pendants throughout history and have an opportunity to try out a variety of different design forms in wax until they make something they are happy with that is uniquely theirs.

The waxes will be cast in silver and posted to the students finished and polished within three weeks of receipt of the finished waxes.

About Ceilidh Dalton

Ceilidh Dalton
Ceilidh Dalton.

Ceilidh Dalton grew up in Eden on the south coast of NSW surrounded by the bush and the sea. After studying and working in science and accounting, in 2010 Ceilidh went back to her first love of art and studied in the Gold and Silversmithing workshop at the ANU School of Art and Design. Her work is influenced by her love of the natural environment and she was accepted for a year-long artist residency at the Woodlands and Wetlands trust in 2017, culminating in a solo show of jewellery and sculpture around biodiversity conservation.

Living with a disability makes her passionate about accessibility and she received an ArtsACT grant to make her exhibition both accessible and inclusive. On the basis of the design, she was a finalist for the 2019 Chief Minister’s Inclusion Award for Innovation and Design. Currently studying her Masters in Ecology and Art, Ceilidh loves teaching and sharing her passion for both the environment and sculpture.



Please note, to participate fully in the workshops, we recommend you use a laptop or desktop computer equipped with a webcam and microphone. Materials will be provided for this workshop; you will be required to pick them up from Belconnen Arts Centre in the week prior to the commencement of the workshops.


Week 1
Introduction to lost wax casting, safety and limitations. Looking at examples of different types of pendants and including examples of what not to do. Intro to the wax and equipment. Demonstration of leaf pressing.

Week 2
Making wax wire for spirals and knot work. Drawing designs. Simple trefoil knot pendant. Demonstrations of making holes, loops and tunnels

Week 3
Intro to sculpting with tools. Using a photo on the phone to reduce and trace design. Intro to relief and 3D sculpting.

Week 4-5
Continuing sculpting techniques and tricks, combining techniques, finishing texture. Preparing cords and chains.

More info

Please contact IGNITE Programs Officer, Penny Pollard, via penny@belcoarts.com.au or 0406 921 304 (text message only).