Watercolour with Cheryl Hodges

Paint a Golden Sun Moth with watercolour

With Cheryl Hodges

A FREE Infuse Workshop

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Gungahlin Arts

Saturday 6 July, 1-4pm, Gungaderra Homestead

Belco Arts

Saturday 20 July, 12:30-3:30pm, Generator Gallery

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The critically endangered Golden sun moth is found in the ACT, Victoria and a small area of NSW. The Golden sun moth lives in grassy ecosystems which have been degraded severely since European settlement. In the ACT there are a few small populations in lowland areas next to Canberra and in small sites within the city that range from 0.06 hectares to more than 300 hectares.

In this workshop Cheryl will increase your appreciation of this beautiful moth, as well as your painting skills as she take you through the process of capturing this stunning species with watercolour. Cheryl will share a range of accessible tips, tricks and techniques along the way. She will show how to build up the intensity of the colour using layers of watery paint and demonstrate adding the final details with a dry brush technique. She will also explain how to fix common mistakes and clean up little messes.

About Cheryl Hodges

Cheryl was raised on a property near Hall, and developed a love of nature and art at an early age. Cheryl has been painting botanical watercolours for over 20 years. She particularly enjoys painting Australian natives and more recently has been focusing on threatened and endangered species. Cheryl teaches both botanical and insect illustration, and has created several online tutorials.

Cheryl has held two solo exhibitions. She is an invited member of the Florilegium of the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney with two paintings held in the permanent collection. She has completed numerous commissions, including a major work for the NSW Biodiversity Conservation Trust, and a ‘rediscovered’ orchid for the CSIRO.

Website: cherylhodges.com

Instagram: @cherylhodgesartist

Facebook: @Cherylhodgesartist

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