Gold to Blue

Clusterstruck (detail) by Sarah Earle

Gold to Blue

Sarah Earle

Generator Gallery, Belconnen Arts Centre

Opening: 6pm Friday 24 May 2024

Exhibition: 24 May – 7 July 2024

Canberra winters can be cold and bleak but also rewarding, as the cold air can make for great evening skies. Enduring the colder weather, walking in Golden Hour and Blue Hour, seeing the landscape illuminated from different directions continues to lure me. Walks which begin in daylight and end returning in the dark always adds to the fulfilment. The time of day when your eye is cast upward and outward to the vastness of the sky above. For me, watching these transitions in light is uplifting, as daily emotional stumbling blocks dismantle in my mind. It starts with Golden Hour, the light occupies space from the luminosity of the sun, and I walk amongst the long shadows of the trees. Then the captivation of Blue Hour, the sky gently scatters sunlight, and objects appear to have a deep blue tint. My focus becomes nothing other than fascination. How could I recreate these uplifting emotions from these visual experiences?

This body of work draws from investigations and studies on my reflection and recollections of the Gold to Blue transition.

About Sarah Earle

Sarah Earle is a visual artist based in Canberra, Australia. After graduating from the Canberra Institute of Technology in 2019 with a Diploma of Visual Arts, she continues to enjoy learning new techniques and experimenting with new mediums. Her works are expressed through painting, drawing, collage and mixed media to communicate memory, reflection or contemplation on landscape and human nature. She has exhibited her work locally in several group exhibitions and drawing prizes at Belconnen Arts Centre, Strathnairn Arts and M16 since 2014. Sarah is currently working on her first solo exhibition, held at Belconnen Arts Centre in May 2024.

Instagram: @sarahearleart