Finding your voice and conquering public speaking

Photo: Andrew Campbell

Finding your voice and conquering public speaking

With Lexi Sekuless

6-8:30pm Thursdays

4 August – 8 September 2022

$360 per person

Includes all materials.

One of the first things we say to a loved one is it’s so great to hear your voice! From talking with friends to colleagues in small and big settings, we have so many feelings about our voices. Over 6 weeks we will go through each element of ‘being on show’ and being seen and heard with a range of exercises to equip you for any public speaking task. Those feelings will likely hang around, but by the end of each session you will have more tools to get your voice and message out there.

Workshop Content

Week 1: Your gas tank
Learn about breath and the diaphragm and how you can power yourself before and during public speaking.

Week 2: Modalities of stress
All the tricks you can use to be dynamic and interesting as a speaker.

Week 3: Standing in your space and physical presence
Find out if your body is giving you away and learn how to stand with confidence.

Week 4: Tackling nervousness with vocal and physical tools
Now test all that we have learnt with individual presentation time and private 1-2-1 feedback.

Week 5: Liking your own voice
It’s possible! A focused session on resonance and individual vocal assessments and exercises.

Week 6: Putting it all together with different texts and tackling the hardest hurdle
How to make a dry speech interesting.

About Lexi Sekuless

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Lexi graduated from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama with a Bachelor of Acting in 2013. She works extensively in the voice and presenting space as voice-artist, MC and keynote speaker. She uses this experience in combination with her acting training to provide voice coaching for those seeking to increase their confidence and vocal presence. Lexi has performed in London, Melbourne, Sydney and Canberra on stage and screen and as the voice behind novels and commercials around the world.

Instagram: @lexisekuless


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