F A C E unframed

F A C E unframed

An online exhibition

From 6pm Fri 3 April – 24 May 2020

In 2020, we are celebrating the people who excite, inspire, challenge and provoke us to take action.

Artists have been invited from throughout Australia to respond to the idea of the face. The works in this open exhibition embrace the concept of the face; the age-old tradition of portraiture, be it with a classic or contemporary approach; how we look at ourselves; how we look at each other, or another’s gaze; our expression; our mask; or a window into who we are. Artists have been asked to embrace their imagination with a sense of play, boldness, experimentation, thoughtfulness or contemplation, exploring the theme of ‘face’ at A3 (29.7cm x 42 cm) on paper and unframed.

Click or tap on an artwork to open the gallery view and browse through the exhibition. Don’t forget to vote for your favourite work for the $500 People’s Choice Award after viewing the exhibition.

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