Experimental Drawing

Experimental Drawing

With Robbie Karmel

6-8pm Wednesdays

28 October – 2 December 2020

$180 per person

Does not include materials. See materials list below.

Unlock your skills and expand your knowledge of drawing in Experimental Drawing, an introduction to the history and application of experimental drawing techniques. We will look at artists and methods from throughout history, different ways of making drawings and different ways of using drawing, covering experimental techniques including blind contour drawing, experimental tool use, environmental and space-based art, performance, surrealism, abstraction and more.

Workshop Content

Week 1
What is drawing? Looking at drawing what we see, drawing through history, cave drawings, the Renaissance and Durer drawing perspective machine, perspective and how it’s used, David Hockney’s experiments through to Schneeman’s body-in-drawing performance work. Flattening spaces and making pictures, framing.

Week 2
Embodiment and gesture, how the body’s movement is recorded in the marks on the paper, performance drawing, blindfolded drawing, abstract expressionism, intro to Morgan Ohara and movement drawing.

Week 3
Automatism, geometry and repetition, getting into a groove, time and meditation on mark and vision. Automatic drawing (doodling) and automatic writing, mind maps and lateral planing/thinking.

Week 4
Environment and space art, responding to spaces by making marks in and on those spaces, dragging a stick in the sand on the beach through to graffiti.

Week 5
Stories, mapping, narrative and surrealism, creating and being in spaces, storytelling, comics, games, maps and dreams.

Week 6
Strings drawings, 3D/sculptural drawing, drawing with light or other forms of technology.

Required materials

Please source these materials (or their equivalents) prior to starting the workshop:

Reeves A2 drawing pad
Art Advantage A4 Visual Diary
HB Pencils x 12
Compressed charcoal x 2
Medium willow charcoal x 4
Art Spectrum drawing ink
Chromacryl black drawing inks 250ml
NAM bamboo brush medium
Hard erasers x 2
Pencil sharpener
PVA or UHU glue

About Robbie Karmel

Robbie Karmel completed his PhD at UNSW A+D and returned to Canberra in 2019 to establish Studio Studio in Mitchell with Richard Blackwell. His research and practice explore concepts of mimetic representation, phenomenological embodiment, perception, tool use, and representation through expanded drawing practices, extending into printmaking, sculptural and performative methods.

Working with charcoal, oilstick and graphite on paper or timber surfaces, Karmel maps out the body, relying on the intermodal array of senses, challenging dominant opticentric modes of picture-making. This work includes the production of studio furniture, apparatus, and tools to facilitate and interrupt solo and collaborative performative drawing processes. Karmel has had solo exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra and Perth and has undertaken residencies nationally and internationally.

Follow Robbie on his website.

More info

Please contact Belconnen Arts Centre via email, or phone (02) 6173 3300.