Experimental Drawing

Experimental Drawing with Ellis Hutch
Rainbird by Ellis Hutch.

Experimental Drawing

With Ellis Hutch

6-8pm Wednesdays

24 February – 31 March 2021

$385 per person

Includes all materials.

Experimental Drawing is a dynamic introduction to the creative and expressive possibilities of drawing. Participants will be introduced to a diverse range of artists and guided to experiment, investigate and discover a range of traditional and non-traditional materials and processes.

Workshop Content

Week 1
Representation, learning to see, expressing ourselves, blind contour drawing, drawing with eyes closed, drawing meditation.

Week 2
Gestural drawing, making marks, materials and supports, generating happy accidents, drawing to music.

Week 3
Drawing big, drawing with prosthetics, drawing machines.

Week 4
Ink, wet media, collage, newspaper, cardboard.

Week 5
Drawing badly, creating drama, telling stories.

Week 6
String, wire, light, technologies.

About Ellis Hutch

Ellis Hutch is a Canberra-based artist who works across the realms of drawing, photography, printmaking, performance, video and sculpture. She has over 20 years of teaching experience, having taught budding artists of all ages as an educator at the National Gallery of Australia, and as a lecturer at the ANU. Ellis’ teaching expertise spans drawing, sculpture, sound, installation and performance. She currently lectures part-time in the ANU Sculpture and Spatial Practices Workshop.

Ellis loves drawing people’s attention to small things that go unnoticed and giving them the opportunity to take time out from their daily lives to be immersed in art that feeds the senses and provokes deep, reflective thought. While Ellis works in a range of media, she sees drawing as fundamental to everything she does and uses it to work out ideas, experiment, play and explore.

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More info

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