Exotic Hypnotica

Exotic Hypnotica

Jazida Productions presents

Exotic Hypnotica

8pm Wednesday 9 February 2022
8pm Thursday 10 February 2022
8pm Friday 11 February 2022
2pm & 8pm Saturday 12 February 2022

$52 Adult
$42 Concession

Suitable for ages 18+
Running time: 1h 15m, no interval

Jazida opts into a hypnosis program that promises to make everything better… but will she find what she’s looking for within her subconscious? This is a burlesque theatre extravaganza exploring what it means to be labelled “exotic” Exotic meaning racially ambiguous? Exotic meaning erotic? Exotic meaning alien/other?

Exotic Hypnotica stars Jazida, who is an acclaimed queer POC dancer listed in the Top 50 Burlesque industry figures across the globe. Jazida is a multi-award-winning artist who performed at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas, and is a festival headliner.

Jazida Productions is a social enterprise designed to elevate alternate performing artists and their art forms. They have been operating since 2016. Jazida Productions won the Canberra Local Business Awards for outstanding performance art in 2020. Jazida Productions won the Adelaide Fringe Festival Weekly Awards with the show Catch Jazida in 2019. Jazida Productions primarily operates on Nguunnawal land in the Australian Capital Territory and operates the alternate performing arts hub Flazéda.