Triptych detail, Eleanor Waight

Triptych (detail) Eleanor Waight

Eleanor Waight

Belconnen Arts Centre Meeting Room
29 November 2019 – 9 February 2020

Opening night | 6pm Friday 29 November 2019

As an emerging artist with a disability, recognising her need for creativity has been liberating for Eleanor. Realising that she can make art with her disability has helped Eleanor to become the person she wants to be.

Eleanor’s work is a visual exploration of mark-making and colour. She is interested in the way colours interact to create depth, layers and contrast. Using acrylic paint, gouache and ink, Eleanor experiments with collage in her practice, weaving shapes and colours together. Through an exploration of this media, Eleanor is developing her confidence with a range of techniques and mark-making experiments, including pouring, washes, printing, scraping and blotting.

Eleanor has exhibited through the IGNITE: 7 program, enabling her to present her work to a broader audience and to build confidence as an artist.

About the artist


Eleanor Waight

Eleanor holds a Certificate IV in Visual Arts from Canberra Institute of Technology (2016). Her final works for the graduating exhibition were the result of a thorough investigation of abstract art combined with screen printing, resulting in a series of four prints on plywood. Eleanor has completed three units of the Diploma in Visual Arts and hopes to complete this qualification in the future.