An initiative of Belconnen Arts Centre, IGNITE: 7 is an exhibition program presented in collaboration with partnering venues over a variety of sites across Canberra. IGNITE: 7 features work by artists with disabilities and demonstrates how art enriches our spaces and lives. Being able to develop to one’s fullest potential is a basic human right that Belconnen Arts Centre applauds. IGNITE: 7 exhibitions position artists and celebrate their practices as integral to the creative vibrancy of this region.

Ann Harding Conference Centre

Foyer, Bldg 24, University of Canberra, University Drive South, Bruce ACT

Opening hours
9am-5pm Mon-Thurs
9am-4pm Fri

Untitled by Paul Bilton

Untitled by Paul Bilton.

Capital Cities
Paul Bilton

19 September – 17 December 2019

Paul Bilton produced these paintings whilst attending his Monday morning art class at Hands On Studio. The artist has used photo reference and acrylic paint for each painting. The works show different iconic landmarks which sit in the capital cities of Australia. Paul is a self-taught artist from Canberra, Australia who has been painting for 7 years. His works have been exhibited in numerous galleries and he has received many awards for his paintings. Paul enjoys travelling by train to different capital cities in Australia. When he visits the different cities he enjoys going to tall viewing points to take photos and make videos of the different cityscapes.

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Brindabella Business Park

Foyer, 23 Brindabella Circuit, Canberra Airport ACT

Opening hours
9am-5pm Mon-Fri

Wave by Jimalyn Lawless

Wave by Jimalyn Lawless.

Jimalyn Lawless

October – December 2019

This is Jimalyn Lawless’ second solo exhibition and she has worked at a larger size than usual. She has been making art for forty years and has finally come to the conclusion that art should be fun. She loves colour and movement and sees art in all things. Her art has become an important vehicle for self-expression and for this exhibition, she has worked on paper using soft pastels. The medium has enabled her to explore expressive mark-making using a loose drawing style. The works were created at Belconnen Community Centre during Open Art sessions.

Jimalyn says, “it was difficult, but I did manage the A1 size and realized it can be freeing. I have been able to use my whole body to express my art.”

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Department of Communications & the Arts

2 Phillip Law Street, NewActon ACT

Opening hours
9am-5pm Mon-Fri

Untitled by Emma Kate McDonald

Untitled by Emma Kate McDonald.

The Tears of Things
Emma Kate McDonald

19 September – 17 December 2019

Emma-Kate McDonald is a graduate of the ANU School of Art and Design, where she studied painting. Emma works in both painting and drawing. Collage and the use of text is a recurring theme in her work. She is interested in invoking literature, music and particularly poetry in the ways she chooses her subject matter and how she works with materiality in her mediums and surfaces. These mixed-media drawings of dried lotuses combined with collaged poetry are reflections of the artist’s experiences of interpersonal relationships. These are perceived as fragile connections, made and served over a lifetime. The likenesses of the lotuses to figures are of great interest to the artist and these drawings in ink wash and pen are a sensitive response to the forms they explore. The collaged poetry is designed to be an equal element to the lotus drawings and reflects on the deeper meanings of the artwork.

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Eastlake Gungahlin

51 Hinder Street, Gungahlin ACT

Opening hours
10am-late, Mon-Sun

Untitled by Jill Hayman

Untitled by Jill Hayman.

New Works
Jill Hayman

24 September – 16 December 2019

Jill Hayman has been painting with a group at the Belconnen Community Centre for a couple of years. She enjoys experimenting with materials and surfaces and is always curious to see the results of her experiments. She uses colour, texture and mark-making to create portraits and abstract works that convey internal spaces and movement of emotions. Often she finds that this helps her to externalise very personal internal states, which is important and beneficial in her path to maintaining wellness. This is Jill’s second exhibition with IGNITE: 7, having previously exhibited a series of portraits at the University of Canberra.

National Disability Insurance Agency

Foyer, 212 Northbourne Ave, Braddon ACT

Opening hours >
9:00am – 5:00pm Mon-Fri

Untitled by Vera Delova

Untitled by Vera Delova.

IGNITE: Alternative Arts Academy

Keith Carfrae, Maria Cofinas, Vera Delova, Jill Hayman, Moira Nelson, Jennelle Outhwaite and Lien To

19 September – 17 December 2019

IGNITE: Alternative Arts Academy provides a variety of challenging and exciting arts development experiences for people living with disability, the d/Deaf and those with mental health issues. IGNITE programs are mostly free of charge and cater to all levels of skill and experience, from the beginner looking for a new interest, through to hobbyists and the professional practitioner.
The works in this exhibition have been created using ink and washes on cotton paper with support from IGNITE Programs Officer Penny Pollard and art tutor John Pratt.