Stories from Solitude

Stories from Solitude

Stories from Solitude

Premieres 4pm (AEST) Friday 5 June 2020
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Stories from Solitude
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Throughout history, storytelling has been celebrated as a way to bring people together, build connections and establish a sense of identity within communities. With Stories From Solitude, we’re exploring how we can strengthen these connections in times of solitude, in the online world. An eclectic mix of folktales, personal stories, poetry and even pub banter, this collection highlights the imagination, excitement and warmth elicited by simply asking someone to “tell me a story.”

Air dates

4pm (AEST) Friday 5 June 2020
4pm (AEST) Friday 12 June 2020
4pm (AEST) Friday 19 June 2020
4pm (AEST) Friday 26 June 2020
4pm (AEST) Friday 3 July 2020
4pm (AEST) Friday 10 July 2020

All episodes will air on our YouTube and Facebook channels.

About the storytellers

Vesna Flower
Vesna is a Canberra-based poet, with a professional background in law and mediation. Her Serbian ethnic heritage has resulted in her love for languages, traditions and folk-stories generally, with many of her artistic creations taking inspiration from Serbian art, culture and history. Her poetry has received recognition through dramaturgical presentations in Australia as well as being awarded a winning prize at an international poetry competition. Vesna is a local community radio presenter, delivering two radio programs through 2XX 98.3FM; one in English (for multicultural communities in the ACT) and the other in Serbian (for the local Serbian ethnic community).

Sharlene Payn
Sharlene is Profoundly Deaf, teaches Auslan and has been a volunteer in the State Emergency Services for five years. Growing up, she was the only Profoundly Deaf person who communicated in sign language in Bowen in the Whitsundays. The school she attended could not provide an interpreter as there were none in town, so her mother was her interpreter from kindergarten to when she graduated in year 12. Sharlene acknowledges that, if it wasn’t for her mother’s hard work and unconditional love, she would not have the education she has, she would not be able to help other families with d/Deaf children, and she wouldn’t be able to give her students and clients the Auslan education she provides today.

Allan Sko
Allan is a Canberra-based writer, editor, publisher, teacher and MC. For the last 18 years, he has been the publisher of BMA Magazine, Canberra’s entertainment guide. Allan is also a keen bestower of knowledge, teaching Professional Writing at University of Canberra, and receiving a Workplace Education nomination for overseeing 25 work experience placements in a single year. Allan has appeared in a professional speaking capacity, MCing events such as Art, Not Apart, The National Live Music Awards, and Australian Writer Centre panels.