Encaustic Painting

Encaustic Painting

Encaustic Painting

With Merryn Lloyd

6-8:30pm Wednesdays

24 February – 31 March 2021

$390 per person

Includes all materials

Merryn will show you how to work with beeswax and pigment to create paintings through specialised technical processes of accretion, build-up, mixing, reworking and scratching back into the textural surfaces of your works. Through employing creative iterations in the studio, you will learn to investigate the irregularities of using beeswax as a painting medium, as Merryn does.

Learn how to use wax safely and intuitively to make works of art as you trial techniques such as masking, accretion and collage; working towards a final piece or series of works to take home.

Participants are encouraged to bring along small, flat and/or textured objects for transfers, and a visual diary to record their observations and learnings.

Workshop Content

Week 1: Setup
Your crash course in encaustic! We will explore some handy tools, ideas for melting, different types of wax, colour mixing, preparing surfaces, tips for a stable final piece and safety in the studio. Each participant will get a set of boards to test out ideas and practise painting with wax.

Week 2: Temperature
Your introduction to painting with encaustic at different temperatures; producing thick or flowy brush strokes and smooth or rough textures. The layers you paint onto your boards this week will form the base on which you will build over the coming weeks.

Week 3: Surface
We will focus on building layers, fusing and learning techniques such as masking, transparency, embedded objects and collage. Your paintings will be getting thicker and more complex.

Week 4: Support
Now that you have gained a solid understanding of encaustic, we will look at painting in the expanded field using 2D and 3D surfaces, porous and impermeable materials, temperature of the surface, and painting onto different surfaces such as paper, board, card and fabric. We will look at our body of work so far and consider how we are going to bring everything together in our final two weeks.

Week 5: Reuse
One of the beauties of painting with wax is that it can be melted down again and reused, so we will look at our offcuts, scrapings and reject colours and see how these things can be incorporated back into our work. You will have time to work on your projects.

Week 6: Finishing
In our final lesson we will wrap up our projects and look at finishing the edges, arranging or bringing together a series small works, hanging and framing your paintings, and tips for taking care of encaustic works.

Merryn Lloyd

About Merryn Lloyd

Merryn Lloyd graduated with a Bachelor of Visual Art (Painting) from Monash University in 2008. For the past twelve years she has exhibited regularly in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and New Zealand and worked collaboratively with ceramicists, printmakers, designers and painters. She is a co-founder of independent artist collective Moon-Unit, was awarded an Australians Studying Abroad scholarship for travel to Prato in Italy (2007) and her work is held by ArtBank and private collections in Australia, New Zealand and USA.

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