It’s Elementary

Outback Storm by David Roberts

Outback Storm (detail) by David Roberts, photo: David Leonard

It’s Elementary
David Roberts

21 August – 25 October 2020

West Gallery


The inspiration for David Roberts’ exhibition comes from the elements known to the ancients as earth, water, air, and fire:

“These elements shape the world around us as much as they decay the world we try to build. They continue long after our passing, themselves driven by the permanent forces of nature that govern the cosmos. They are at their most dramatic where they combine: where the sky meets the earth, an ocean touches a shore, clouds embrace mountains or a storm brews in a desert. They are at their most subtle as they erode away the machines and structures we build in honour of ourselves. And in these moments, both fierce and subtle, there is a beauty that transcends place and conjures emotion, a sense of the power and place that locates our own existence. It is this emotional value and connection that the works in this exhibition seek to reflect.”

Developing this exhibition, Roberts predominately used acrylics on stretched canvas with limited use of impasto and watercolours. 

About David Roberts 

David Roberts

Curious (detail) by David Roberts

In 2012 David Roberts renewed his interest in the visual arts when he undertook an art residency at ArtStudio Ginestrelle in Umbria, Italy.  He repeated this experience in 2015 after winning a Go for Gold Scholarship in Art. David has exhibited works at a number of group and open exhibitions including the Assisi International Art Exhibition (2015); ANU Random (2016), Photo Access Muse(2016); Sound Of Silence Film Project (Video  2017);  MS Organisation Art Exhibition (2019)  and The BAC’s Traces (2019).