The Benefit of Doubt

The Benefit of Doubt promotional image by Fran Romano & Zoe Slee 

The Benefit of Doubt

Fran Romano & Zoe Slee 

Window Gallery, Belconnen Arts Centre

Opening: 6pm Friday 16 Febraury 2024

Exhibition: 16 February – 28 March 2024

This exhibition is an experimental project, exploring the idea of self-doubt. We, Zoe Slee and Fran Romano, are visual artists working primarily in the ceramic medium through practice-led research. Working collaboratively, we are focusing on concepts of self-doubt, self-image and related preconceptions and biases. By sharing our research and practice via regular studio visits and conversations, we have generated new bodies of work. These new works are being exhibited with a twist: we have each chosen what the other puts up for display. We have selected from the wealth of sketches, prototypes, experiments and finished artworks that we have each produced in response to these studies, subverting ideas of what an artwork can be. 

About Fran Romano & Zoe Slee 

Both graduates from Australian National University School of Art, Zoe Slee and Fran Romano, are emerging visual artists working primarily, but not exclusively, in the ceramic medium. The focus of their creative processes is through practice-led research. 

 Zoe is an artistic thing-maker who recently completed her Masters of Curation & Cultural Leadership at UNSW, after spending time living and developing work overseas. She explores liminal planes and moments of transformation in her artistic practice. 

Fran’s teaching work and design practice complement her art-making. Her works explore interiors, whether physical or metaphorical, offering space for contemplation. 

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Instagram: @franromanoceramics and @zbyzoe