The Divided Self

Selkie by Teffany Thiedeman.

The Divided Self

Teffany Thiedeman

The Window

26 March – 9 May 2021
Opening 6pm Friday 26 March 2021

I have a divided self. My divided self has mainly been driven by the perpetual efforts of balancing the forces of economic survival with the overwhelming urge to create. As an artist I spend a mass of time making a living in a field which only occasionally aligns with my creative pursuits. As an artist who works mainly with clay, I feel lucky as the objects I create sometimes sell (but I’m glad I have a day job…)

As a mother, when my children were small any work/art/life balance was even more difficult. As a woman I have felt the push and pull of various expectations of my gender. Perhaps it is this very divisiveness which lies at the heart of the human condition, this perpetual motion a side effect from striving to keep a balance between all our selves.

Every year my garden is overtaken by the grapevines that thread their way throughout the backyard-even breaking into my workshop through the roof. Such a life force is inspiring and a metaphor for how the dormant imagination (which I see as life force) springs into action when given the smallest chance.

– Teffany Thiedeman

About the artist

Teffany Thiedeman graduated from the ANU School of Art & Design (Ceramics) in the last century. She is a Director of Aeon Arts, a not-for-profit cultural organisation whose mission is to bring creative opportunities to the people. As an artist she has exhibited broadly, in graveyards, paddocks and even art galleries! She loves art interactives and getting people to have a play with clay. Her practice is inspired by fables, mythology and storytelling, especially the spaces inside and around the stories. She believes the creative imagination is a precious thing that needs to be nurtured in this relentless world. Her other job deals directly with children and families and is far away from the hands on experience of making. She also believes imagination and the ability to play are vital elements in navigating your way through life.