Disposed/Aerosol (still image) by Michael Sollis
Disposed/Aerosol (still image) by Michael Sollis.


Michael Sollis

Pivot Gallery

14 May – 27 June 2021
Opening 6pm Friday 14 May

Choked air begins to propagate, as an unworldly figure speaks to us through the sounds of screaming balloons. This message-in-a-virtual-bottle summons our breath to unite in a hypnotic coda. What do you believe? Is it an enchantment, elixir, ritual, or something more sinister? 

Whilst we continue to breathe, more and more objects continue to be expelled and expired. Are we suffocating, or can disposed objects be reborn? How can we live in a world where we consume more than we need?

Disposed and Aerosol are multimedia works that were recorded during Melbourne lockdown in August 2020. Produced and written by Michael Sollis and performed by Thea Rossen, they are influenced by elements from their Milk Carton Confessions, where Canberran Gillian Schwab contributed to elements of the design.

Aerosol was commissioned by Tura New Music.

About the artists

Michael Sollis is an interdisciplinary artist who promotes how the arts can nurture creative mindsets which generate new ideas. He creates multimedia performances and installations that share diverse worldviews with curious people. By doing so, Michael allows audiences to question the world around us by relating to familiar perspectives and being challenged by new ones.

Michael is an in-demand creative voice within the Australian arts landscape. He is Artistic Director of The Griffyn Ensemble, and Artistic Director of Education for Musica Viva Australia, working with Australia’s finest musicians to give over 280,000 students per year the best opportunity to discover their unique creativity.

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