Discover Colour with Acrylics

Discover Colour with Acrylics

With Nicola Dickson

6-8:30pm Tuesdays

27 October – 1 December 2020

$300 per person

Includes all materials

Interested in learning to paint or expanding your paintings skills? This course, suitable for beginners or people new to using acrylics, will introduce traditional painting techniques using acrylic paint and mediums. A step by step approach of these techniques will be demonstrated, and you will have the chance to practically learn them by completing a series of still life paintings during class time.

Focus will be given to learning how to get the best from acrylic paints and understanding colour relationships in paintings. While utilising only a small number of key paint colours, you will learn colour matching and mixing skills that will allow you to make colours you see in paint and achieve harmonious paintings. 

Workshop Content

Week 1
Using a black and white photograph of a still life arrangement as source material, a monochrome painting will be done. You will be introduced to the concept of value in colour while learning how to transfer a photographic image onto your support and create a range of tones.

Week 2
Introduction to the colour wheel and the concepts of hue, chroma and complementary colour relationships. The most versatile paint colours to include on your palette will be demonstrated. We will use these colours as we begin working on a new painting inspired by the colour version of the photograph used for our monochrome painting.

Week 3
We will complete our first colour study. In these two weeks, we are learning the skills of observing and isolating colour and then mixing it.

Week 4
We will revisit our first monochrome painting and use it to learn and practice the technique of adding colour by glazing. We will also learn how to apply a coloured ground onto the support that will be used in week five.

Week 5
We begin a new painting based on a different complementary colour relationship.

Week 6
Completion of the painting from week five.

About Nicola Dickson

Nicola Dickson is a Canberra artist who attended the Australian National University, completing a Bachelor of Visual Art in 2003 and a PhD in 2010. Nicola enjoys using a range of processes to make her artworks, including drawing, printmaking and installation. She is, however, primarily a painter working in oil, acrylic and watercolour media.

Nicola has held 19 solo exhibitions in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney. She has been a finalist in various competitive exhibitions including the Sulman, Waterhouse Natural Science, Kilgour, Bayside and Hadley’s art prizes. She has also been selected for residencies at the Cité Internationale des Arts Paris in 2017 and at the Norman Bird Sanctuary, Rhode Island in 2019. Her paintings and drawings are held in several public collections including Parliament House, Canberra Museum and Gallery, ACT Legislative Assembly, Australian National University and Canberra Hospital. Nicola is represented by Beaver Galleries, Deakin.

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