Dimensions Unknown

Dimensions Unknown by Hank Reynolds

Dimensions Unknown

Hank Reynolds

24 May – 27 August 2022

Brindabella Business Park
Foyer, 23 Brindabella Circuit, Canberra Airport ACT

Opening hours
9am-5pm Mon-Fri

When creating these paintings, I considered realms of reality that we are unable to perceive. As such, consider these paintings as a shadow of what we are not aware of and never will be due to the inexplicably infinite universe and it’s possibilities.

About Hank Reynolds

This guy Hank right? He showers most days and paints as well. Cleaning his teeth really wakes him up in the morning before he begins to paint abstract art with acrylic paint on canvas. Born in Canberra in 1991 he lived in rural NSW until 1997, then Canberra, then from 1999 until 2001 he lived in Hawaii, then Canberra, and Melbourne, and Sydney and rural NSW. He tried studying architecture, and engineering, and psychology, and sport development but never really found his groove. Instead of studying he was doodling in his workbook, and then the workbook got swapped for a blank page. Ballpoint pen swapped for paint brush. This is when he became a painter.

This exhibition is part of the IGNITE program for artists who identify as disabled, D/deaf, HOH, chronically ill, neurodiverse or who have lived experience of mental health issues.