Artists in Conversation: Elizabeth Ficken, Isobel Rayson & Nick Stranks

Awaken (detail) by Elizabeth Ficken. Photo: Andrew Sikorski. Day after day (detail) by Isobel Rayson

Artists in Conversation: Elizabeth Ficken, Isobel Rayson & Nick Stranks

Belconnen Arts Centre

2pm Saturday 15 June 2024

FREE, registrations required

Join us for a special artist talk with Elizabeth Ficken, Isobel Rayson & Nick Stranks to learn more about their exhibitions, Awaken and Almost Always.

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About Elizabeth Ficken

Elizabeth is a Canberra-based artist, working in Sculpture. She creates work with a variety of material that relates to the conceived idea. The Environment plays a vital role in Elizabeth’s making process. Observing how living systems adapt, co-exist and survive manifests an awareness to connect more greatly with nature. Today, the rapid movement of life and placement has disconnected, and urban development is on the rise. This has placed a stress on society, but also an understanding of the unique Environment we live in, which is detrimental to our well-being.

Elizabeth has had numerous exhibitions in Canberra and interstate.


About Isobel Rayson

Isobel Rayson is an Australian artist working primarily in sculpture. Isobel completed a Bachelor of Visual Arts receiving first class honours in 2014 from the Australian National University School of Art & Design. Isobel has presented twelve solo exhibitions and is regularly included in group exhibitions across Melbourne and Sydney.


Instagram: @isobelrayson

About Nick Stranks

Nick Stranks is a sculptor whose practice primarily focuses on cast and fabricated metal works. Nick manages Carwoola Casting, a lost wax bronze foundry in Carwoola, NSW. Nick exhibits widely and his work can be found in private collections.

Instagram: @nick.stranks