Collage to Painting

Collage to Painting with Michele England
Oil Spill by Michele England.

Collage to Painting

With Michele England

6-8:30pm Thursdays

20 May – 24 June 2021

$315 per person

Includes all materials.

With scissors we’ll snip and glue, we’ll stick and then we’ll paint it too! Learn how to make a collage then paint using mixed media and acrylics. Plus, find out about colour, composition, mark-making and more.

Collage is a technique popular since the 19th century and made popular as an art form with the Cubists, Dadaists and Pop artists. This series of workshops will provide techniques for collage, using abstract shapes, landscape and still life setups. Participants will be shown how to make a collage and transfer it into a painting. Topics covered include colour theory, understanding composition, acrylic paint know-how, characteristics of mark-making, line and texture. Each week, historic and contemporary artists using collage will be investigated.

Workshop Content

Week 1
An understanding of colour concepts will be developed through practical application. Also the basics of acrylic paint, mediums and supports will be covered. Using this information, paper-based collages will be made showing the relationship colours have to one another. Artist discussed – Matisse.

Week 2
What is composition and how is this used in a collage or painting? Using this knowledge participants will make a collage building on compositional principles. Artist discussed – Dexter Dalwood.

Week 3
Participants will continue to build on fundamentals by investigating how different implements can be used to create textural effects. A 2-week project will commence, allowing consolidation of learnings based around a collage of a favourite local landscape. Artist discussed – Mickalene Thomas.

Week 4
Participants will investigate using unusual materials in collage. Work continues on transferring a paper collage to a painting. Artist discussed – Kurt Schwitters.

Week 5
Mark-making and line quality will be investigated – dashed, thick, slow and so on. A 2-week project will commence, painting a still life arrangement or personal items from a collage. Artist discussed – Pablo Picasso.

Week 6
The final project will be continued. An opportunity for participants to consolidate the many skills learnt over previous weeks under expert guidance. Artist discussed – Robert Rauschenberg.

Michele England

About Michele England

Michele England is an artist whose work investigates issues regarding the environment in which we depend. Michele is intently interested in making works that engage your eyes, body and mind. Her artistic output is mostly paintings, textiles or small sculpture/assemblage. The paintings often use a colourful palette, and she prefers to paint in oils, gouache and watercolour. Michele also enjoys combining the practices of art and craft. This pursuit produces works that utilise craft techniques with everyday objects to make interesting metamorphoses and contextual changes to these objects.

Michele studied Visual Arts at School of Art & Design, ANU and since graduating has exhibited in numerous solo and group shows in Canberra and interstate. Her work has been shortlisted in several art awards across Australia. She is currently studying a Masters in Visual Arts at the ANU.

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