Halftime Show

CLUBSCORE presents

Halftime Show

The portal is open. Other dimensions are accessible. New realities are possible.

6pm Friday 17 May & Friday 21 June 2024

The Rehearsal Room, Belconnen Arts Centre

Halftime Show is the latest offering from CLUBSCORE – Canberra’s premier queer art and sport collective. Led by Zev Aviv and Ketura Budd, CLUBSCORE exists to give trans and gender diverse people a platform to shout from.

Featuring a hot suite of performance art made by queer artists, Halftime Show creates space for community connection, shared experience, and above all, queer joy. Halftime Show celebrates wild, unbridled, unapologetic queerness, with performances bringing heat, humour, candour, courage, rage, love, and passion to the stage. 

We’ll kick off the night with some silly warm ups and games, to get you ready to cheer for the audacious acts you are about to witness. You will be treated to six sensational performances in the Belco Arts Rehearsal Room, and then the floor will be yours to dance on.

Adults of all ages are welcome, this is not just for the young ones and we welcome grown-ups from any generation. However, the show is not recommended for kids under 15. The show will contain nudity and strong themes. We are happy to talk through the content of the performances with you – if you have any questions or concerns please email the CLUBSCORE team at clubscore.cbr@gmail.com

Supported by Belco Arts and the ACT Government through the Capital of Equality grants program.

17 MAY – Miriam Slater, Xenon Revolution, Alicia Sparkles, Mister Butch Venividivici.
21 JUNE – Sharkie Dee, Zhi Cham, Lynden Bassett, Nick Delatovic, Grey Ace.


  • 6:00pm – First half
  • 7:00pm – Drinks break
  • 7:20pm – Second half
  • 8:30pm – Dance time
  • 9:30pm – Finish


Pay what you can afford! You don’t need to justify your choice of ticket price to us, and there is no early-bird price or limit on any of the tiers of ticket prices.

We believe this show is absolutely worth $45, possibly more! But, we also know that paying money is a barrier to some people seeing art, and we don’t want anyone to miss out because they can’t afford a ticket. You will get the same experience regardless of what you pay.

We have funding from a Capital of Equality grant to pay the CLUBSCORE team and the artists, and the venue is covered through support from Belco Arts. Any money we make from ticket sales will be invested into future CLUBSCORE events and programs. The more you spend on your ticket, the more likely it is we will be able to create more of these opportunities for queer artists and our community.

  • $0 – deluxe
  • $15 – exclusive
  • $30 – elite
  • $45 – premium


Belco Arts Centre is on a single level throughout and is a wheelchair and mobility aid accessible venue, with two accessible car parks and an accessible toilet in The Theatre section of the building. Please contact Belco Arts when you book if you will be using a mobility aid. 

The show will be Auslan interpreted. The show will also contain flashing and coloured lights, but no strobe effect. No haze will be used. The foyer will remain open during the show, with the lights set at a low level in a neutral colour and no music playing. You are welcome to use the foyer space if you need a sensory break from the show. We are very happy to talk you through what to expect on the night, to the best of our knowledge. You can get in touch at clubscore.cbr@gmail.com or call/text Ket on 0450 904282.

An ‘Access Guide’ and more accessibility information is available from the Belco Arts website: https://www.belcoarts.com.au/access/

Website: www.clubscore.org

Instagram: @clubscore_