Circles of Nature

Open Bowl by Rosalie Richards

Circles of Nature

Works by members of the Fibre Basket Makers of the ACT

Lyn Davidson, Trish Flynn, S.A. Hardcastle, Sally Holliday, Christiane Keller, Leonie Lucy, Jim McGrath, Ann McMahon, Adrienne Nicholson, Rosalie Richards and Lisa Stevenson

Opening 6pm Friday 20 May 2022

20 May – 3 July 2022

Circles of Nature celebrates the diversity and abundance of nature, while the symbolism of the circle references the passage of time, the seasons and the life cycles of living things. By working with materials from nature using processes that are traditional or discovered through practice and investigation, weavers intimately connect to place and the environment, through the processes of growing, nurturing, collecting, foraging, carefully storing and preparing the materials that they use. Weavers become attuned to the subtle variations of colour and texture in their materials, which are utilised in a variety of time consuming, meditative techniques including: weaving, stitching, twining, whaling, plaiting and coiling. Ranging from the ephemeral delicacy of grasses, the resilience and linear qualities of sticks and the robust, sturdiness of wood and bark, the range of colours and textures found in nature are endlessly fascinating. They quietly whisper stories of time and place.

About The Fibre Basket Makers of the ACT:

The Fibre Basket Makers of the ACT have been meeting regularly since the late 1990’s, originally with a focus on using natural fibres under the strict tutelage of Shirley Lewis. Every month the group gathers to share materials, technical information, skills, inspiration and conversation. Many are gardeners, who take great pleasure and pride in using materials they have grown themselves. Other materials are gathered sustainably from urban and parks and private properties, with appropriate permissions. While some members are new to the group, others have been weaving for more than 25 years.

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Circles of Nature: Saturday basket making series

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