Celebrate Gungahlin: For Businesses

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Celebrate Gungahlin: For Businesses

Local businesses are the lifeblood of our community, and Celebrate Gungahlin wants to help businesses create stronger relationships with local audiences and celebrate the incredible work they do to contribute to the culture of our region.

Discover Gungahlin Passport

Throughout the Gungahlin region
20-28 March 2021
EOIs close Sunday 28 Feb 2021

Celebrate Gungahlin is more diverse and connected that ever before, and every local business in the community has the chance to be a part of it. The Discover Gungahlin Passport invites local businesses to connect with local audiences. The Discover Gungahlin Passport encourages people to shop local and support the businesses that are the backbone of their local community. 

Every business that signs up to the Discover Gungahlin Passport will be featured in the festival program, both in print and online. Throughout the 9 days of the festival, customers will be acknowledged for purchasing from participating businesses with a stamp in their Discover Gungahlin Passport. If they collect 10 stamps over the duration of the festival, they’ll go in the draw to win $1,000 worth of prizes.

Any business with a physical presence in the Gungahlin region can be part of the program (online only businesses are excluded), and there is no charge to participate.

All you need to do to be part of it is pop the Discover Gungahlin Passport sticker in your window for the duration of the festival, have a stack of festival programs available in your business and be willing to stamp the Discover Gungahlin Passports of participants who purchase from you between 20-28 March 2021. We’ll provide you with an addressed envelope to return completed Discover Gungahlin Passports for the prize draw. 

Complete the online form below to register your interest, or contact Gungahlin Programs Officer Michele Grimston on 0403 929 739 or michele@belcoarts.com.au if you have any questions.

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For Businesses
• Businesses whose physical premises are in the Gungahlin region are eligible to be part of the Discover Gungahlin Passport program. This includes the suburbs of Amaroo, Bonner, Casey, Crace, Franklin, Forde, Gungahlin, Harrison, Jacka, Mitchell, Moncrieff, Ngunnawal, Nicholls, Palmerston, Taylor and Throsby.

• Online only businesses are not eligible to participate.

• Participating businesses will have their name, address and website included in the Celebrate Gungahlin Festival program in print and online at www.celebrategungahlin.com.au.

• Each participating business will receive a Discover Gungahlin Passport kit containing the following:
– 1x Celebrate Gungahlin window sticker
– 25x Celebrate Gungahlin festival programs (which include the Discover Gungahlin Passport)
– 1x Discover Gungahlin Passport stamp
– 1x set of easy to follow instructions for businesses and their staff
– 1x postage paid envelope, addressed to Belco Arts

• Participating businesses agree to display the Discover Gungahlin Passport sticker in their front window, or for businesses without public-facing windows, at the point of sale, and have Celebrate Gungahlin festival programs available in their business for the duration of the festival, between 20 March 2021 and 28 March 2021.

• Participating businesses agree to stamp the Discover Gungahlin Passport of any customer, on request, who makes a purchase of $10 or more in a single transaction at their business. Participating businesses should only provide one (1) stamp per transaction of $10 or more, regardless of total value of transaction.

• Participating businesses can allow multiple transactions of $10 or more, and provide multiple stamps, to the same customer within the same day.

• Participating businesses agree to collect completed Discover Gungahlin Passports from customers and place them in the envelope provided. This envelope must be sealed and returned to Belco Arts via post between Monday 29 March 2021 and Wednesday 31 March 2021.

For Customers
• To participate in the competition, customers must collect a Celebrate Gungahlin program, which contains the Discover Gungahlin Passport, from participating businesses, or download and print one from www.celebrategungahlin.com.au.

• Customers will receive one (1) stamp from participating businesses if they spend $10 or more in a single transaction. Customers can only receive one (1) stamp per transaction of $10 or more, regardless of total value of transaction.

• Customers can complete multiple transactions of $10 or more, and receive multiple stamps, from the same business or multiple businesses within the same day.

• Purchases can be for physical goods, services, tickets or entry fees.

• Customers must collect ten (10) stamps from participating businesses between the dates of Saturday 20 March 2021 and Sunday 28 March 2021 to be eligible to enter the prize draw.

• To enter the prize draw, participants must submit a valid Discover Gungahlin Passport to a participating business before midnight on Sunday 28 March 2021. The Discover Gungahlin Passport must contain ten (10) stamps as well as the name, email address and phone number of the entrant to be considered valid. A full list of participating businesses can be found at www.celebrategunghalin.com.au.

• Entry into the prize draw is open to anyone who completes and submits a valid Discover Gungahlin Passport, as described above, excluding owners and staff of participating businesses.

• Participating businesses will post received Discover Gungahlin Passports to Belco Arts between Monday 29 March 2021 and Wednesday 31 March 2021 for inclusion in the prize draw.

• All valid entries will go into the prize draw. Winners will be drawn randomly and announced on Friday 9 April 2021 at 11am, with results announced publicly at www.celebrategungahlin.com.au. Winners will also be notified by phone and email.

• Any prizes which have not been claimed by Friday 30 April 2021 will become invalid, and will be redrawn from all eligible entries. Redrawn prize winners will be announced at www.celebrategungahlin.com.au and notified by phone or email.

• First prize in the competition consists of vouchers from Gungahlin based businesses to the value of $500.

• Second prize in the competition consists of vouchers from Gungahlin based businesses to the value of $300.

• Third prize in the competition consists of vouchers from Gungahlin based businesses to the value of $200.

• The promoter of this competition is Belconnen Arts Centre Incorporated, ABN 63 254 459 205.

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    Rotary Gungahlin Love It Local Market

    Winyu House carpark, Efkarpidis St
    9am-1pm Saturday 20 March 2021

    This special edition of the Rotary Community Market will focus on all things local. Gungahlin based artists, businesses and community groups are invited to apply to share what they do with the community. Stalls cost $15 + $6 for public liability insurance and stallholders are responsible for all equipment (including tables and marquees) required for their stall.

    Visit rotarygungahlin.com/market for full terms and conditions. Please contact Judy on 0431 676 959 or jindeera@gmail.com if you have any questions, or register your interest in having a stall below.

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      Artist Showcase

      Various Locations
      20-28 March 2021
      Submissions close midnight Sunday 28 Feb 2021

      Arts and culture enliven our cities and make all our lives better.  Celebrate Gungahlin will bring artists and businesses together to fill our town with art and fill all our lives with a little more joy after what has been a very hard year.  

      The Artist Showcase will pair up local artists and local businesses across Gungahlin and surrounding suburbs to display work in a curated exhibition that spans the whole region. Local businesses can host the work of an artist, and will be part of the Artist Showcase Trail, encouraging more visitors to them throughout the festival. Festival staff will work with businesses to match them with artworks that suit their business and their space. All artworks will be insured while on your premises and will be installed by qualified installers. 

      To be part of the program, all you need is enthusiasm for the arts and a space where an artwork can safely be displayed for the week, and we’ll do the rest! We’ll promote your business and your support of the program through the Celebrate Gungahlin website and social media channels. 

      Contact Gungahlin Programs Officer Michele Grimston on 0403 929 739 or michele@belcoarts.com.au if you have any questions.

      Frequently asked questions

      What is my responsibility for the artworks?
      We will work with you to select a space in your business that is safe for the artwork, visible and won’t disrupt the flow of your business. We will also send out a qualified installer out to you to install and deinstall the work. Once it’s installed, you agree not to move it for the duration of the festival or to change your surrounding displays in ways that compromise the artwork. All artworks are insured by Belco Arts for the duration of the display providing these conditions are met.

      What investment of my staff and my business is required?
      We value the time and energy of you and your staff talking about the program and your participation in it and will provide you with some talking points to make this easier. However, we know your business comes first and you’ve got lots to do. We’ll provide you with a written statement for customers to read, and also the phone number of our art coordinator, which you can pass on to any customers who want to know more about the artwork or the program.

      Are artworks for sale?
      We want to support local artists to sell their work. Artworks may be listed for sale, and where this is the case, purchases can be made online through the Belco Arts website so there is no requirement for you to manage this. There will be a link for people to follow to the online shop, and you can give out the art coordinators number to anyone who is having trouble.

      How will this benefit my business?
      We want to connect people with their local businesses, and to drive traffic through your doors so they can see what you’ve got to offer them. This project will create interest and energy in the many small businesses that make up the region and the contribution they make to the community. We’ll promote your business through the Celebrate Gungahlin festival website and social media channels.

      Can any business participate?
      The program is open to all types of businesses who are located in the Gungahlin region, however some premises may not be suitable. To be part of it, you need to have a safe place for the artwork, where it won’t be bumped by customers or damaged by splashes, smoke or fumes from your business activities. A window display is an ideal location because it can be viewed but not touched by customers. If you are unsure of you have a suitable location, you can contact Gungahlin Programs Officer Michele Grimston on 0403 929 739 or michele@belcoarts.com.au to discuss how we could make things work.

      How big will the artworks be?
      There is no restriction of the size of work that artists can submit, but we will work with businesses to find artworks that are suitable for the space you have available. If you only have a small space, that’s fine! We’ll make sure we match you with an artist that creates small works.

      How will you choose the artworks for my business?
      Artists will submit their work to us for consideration through an online portal. We’ll then review them and approach businesses with two or three options that we think will work particularly well in your space. You will have the final say over artworks that are presented in your business and are not under any obligation to accept artworks if you don’t feel they are suitable.

      Will it cause damage to my premises?
      No damage will be caused to your premises. Artworks will be installed by professionals, and we have a number of ways we can place the artwork in your business without causing damage to your walls. This includes standing the work on easels, hanging using elements of your existing shopfitting and hanging using removable sticky tabs. In some cases, artworks are best properly attached to the wall with hooks or screws. We will discuss with this you first and will not do this without your express consent. If you do give your consent, our deinstallers will return your wall to its original condition.

      Register your interest in showcasing artworks
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        Sponsor Celebrate Gungahlin

        We know that local businesses love their local community. If you’d like to make that love concrete, and generate some fantastic exposure and goodwill with the customers that matter the most to you, get in touch with us about sponsorship options.

        Contact Gungahlin Programs Officer Michele Grimston on 0403 929 739 or michele@belcoarts.com.au to discuss how we can tailor a sponsorship package to meet your needs.

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