100 Canberra

Portrait of Ronald Fraser (detail) by Lisa Ly 

100 Canberra

The National Exhibition

An intergenerational initiative presented by Embraced

Generator Gallery, Belconnen Arts Centre

Opening: 2pm Saturday 20 May 2023 (RSVP via rsvp@embraced.com.au)

Exhibition: 19 May – 2 July 2023

“A natural fit; the generous spirit of the old, embracing the enthusiasm of the young. Expressive and insightful.”

M. Rouley (Melbourne Gallery-goer)

An intergenerational initiative; The Centenarian Portrait Project by Teenagers has introduced 465 hundred-year-olds to 465 teenage artists from all walks of life across all corners of Australia. 

Join us in celebrating 100 of these relationships through portraits created and insights shared. 

Discover important stories and be inspired to deepen your own intergenerational connections. 

This initiative is sponsored by Estia Health, the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care, and supported by the Australian Human Rights Commission and the ACT Government.

“This project has brought the very old out from the darkness of ageism and allowed the public to meet and gain a better understanding of ageing in all its glorious forms.”  

B. Luhle, South Australian Gallery-Goer

About Embraced

Embraced is a community arts not-for-profit. Our mission is to strengthen the communities within which we work. We conceive-of, develop and produce community arts projects with positive social outcomes.

We unite people, who otherwise wouldn’t come into contact and provoke our audiences to question the restrictions of some of our social norms. Our projects are inclusive. The platforms we create honour and celebrate minority groups.

We fight the negative ageing stigma through breaking down stereotypes & sharing stories. The benefits of inter-generational exchanges, collaboration and learning are experienced by our project participants. Encouraging participants to develop empathy, communicate sensitively & consider things from other perspectives is of great importance to us.

We harness the wisdom and experience of older generations.

Website: www.embraced.com.au

Facebook: @embracedinc

Instagram: @embraced.inc