Collage to Painting with Michele England

Collage to Painting

Michele England

With scissors we’ll snip and glue, we’ll stick and then we’ll paint it too! Learn how to make a collage then paint using mixed media and acrylics.

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Watercolour: Studies of Small Things with Nicolette Benjamin Black

Watercolour: Studies of Small Things

Nicolette Benjamin Black

Examine the devices used by various watercolour artists who are passionate about the small things in life.

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Sensory Curiosities with Mariana del Castillo

Sensory Curiosities

Mariana del Castillo

Visually explore curiosities of the natural world, using a pierced paper technique to create sensory drawings.

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Beast Masters with Tom Buckland

Beast Masters

Tom Buckland

Utilise the awesome powers of papier-mâché to create your own animal, mythical creature, beast or a treasured family pet.

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