Op shop emporium by Bobby Graham

Sunday Sketching

Bobby Graham

Enjoy an opportunity to relax, observe, share and sketch what you see, however you sketch it.

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Untitled by Mariana del Castillo

Insightful Markings

Mariana del Castillo

Making your own brushes and tools can add a sense of personal self-sufficiency and connect you to the natural world.

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Passage 3 by John Pratt

Still Life: An Expressive Genre

John Pratt

Develop understanding of scale, mark and composition, and issues involved in expressive and subjective interpretation.

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Nick (detail) by Peter Nilsson

Light, Refraction and Reflection

Peter Nilsson

Learn easy steps to create space, illusions of refraction and three dimensions in a drawing.

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Untitled by Simon Mitchell

Dynamic Drawing

Simon Mitchell

Introduces approaches to drawing inspired by movement practices, aiming to provide new perspectives.

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Real wild child (detail) by Stephen Harrison

Cartooning, Drawing and Beyond

Stephen Harrison

Create your own characters and jokes and develop them into personalised greeting, Xmas or birthday cards.

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