Experimental Drawing

Robbie Karmel

Unlock your skills and expand your knowledge of drawing in Experimental Drawing, an introduction to the history and application of experimental drawing techniques.

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Danger Club

Danger Club

Circa Contemporary Circus

Ever wanted to run away and join the circus? Join one of the world’s leading performance companies for an exclusive and intensive workshop series.

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Oil Painting with the Impressionists with Michele England

Oil Painting with the Impressionists

Michele England

Learn how to use oil paints and make paintings in a fashion like the Impressionists. Find out about colour, composition, mark-making and more.

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Discover Colour with Acrylics

Nicola Dickson

This course, suitable for beginners or people new to using acrylics, will introduce traditional painting techniques using acrylic paint and mediums.

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Exploring Collagraph

Peter McLean

There is a range of different ways of making collagraphs, which will be explored in this in-depth workshop.

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Wondrous Sea Creatures

Michelle Day

Create swaying seaweed, flamboyantly colourful coral, shimmering fish, illuminated jellyfish and all the treasures and secrets of the deep.

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Slow Stitching

Kirandeep Grewal

Hand stitches create magic; there is no such thing as a mistake when you take the thread for a walk on your fabric sampler

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Movement Lab

Noa Rotem

Movement Lab provides participants with a tool kit for a movement practice that supports awareness, fluidity of movement.

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