Orange by Chris Salter


Chris Salter

Salter constantly rotates his artworks as he adds details to different areas. Because of this technique, many of Chris’ works have no perceivable fixed orientation.

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Trees & Animals by Steven O'Hara

Rural Temora

Lorraine O’Hara, Steven O’Hara, Ivan Harradine and Richard Thomas

The Temora Art Factory group collectively responds to the regional setting where they live and work.

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Tuesday Marks by Hands On Studio

Tuesday Marks

Hands On Studio

Tuesday Marks was produced by each artist spending five minutes working on the piece then passing the artwork along for the next artist to add to.

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Le Soleil en Ripaille (Feast) by Nyulla Safi

The Journey

Nyulla Safi

Just like the ocean from a distance gives an impression of calm, it can capsize, leave you shipwrecked, as it can uplift and enthrall.

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Audacious Joy 3 by Julia Faragher

Audacious Joy

Julia Faragher

Audacious Joy challenges the focus of stories and media representations of the Asian Australian experience on tragedy and trauma and carves out a small space for Asian joy.

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