The Window and the Convent (2020) by Matthew Templeman

Abstract Rooms

Matthew Templeman

Matthew explores everyday items to create abstract compositions using thick lines and opposite colours which work off each other.

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Appreciation of Angels by Vijaya Sen

Life Abounding 2

Vijaya Sen

A meaningful exploration of spiritual being, life and mental health experiences expressed through visual narrative means.

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Untitled by Barbara Van Der Linden

Barbara and Marilyn

Barbara van der Linden and Marilyn Nelson

Paintings were created by the artists as they listened to music and responded intuitively, using quality watercolours and inks on paper.

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Untitled by Barbara van der Linden

Joyous Colour

Barbara Van Der Linden, Katrina Muir and Marilyn Nelson

These works share a feeling of joyfulness, which is evoked by the luminosity of the fluid medium.

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Toast (2020) by Eve Newman Martin


Alex Jackson, Eve Newman Martin and Peter Moore

In this show by three artists from Hands On Studio, the personalities of the artists shine.

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