Creative Casting and Mould Making

Creative Casting

Creative Casting and Mould Making

With Michelle Day

10am-12pm or 1-3pm Saturdays

20 – 27 February 2021

$99 per person

Suitable for ages 5-10 years
Participants to bring own lunch and drink bottle

Let’s have fun exploring simple casting and mould making techniques to create our own wonderful sculptures and hand reliefs. We will learn about the role of the mould in the casting process and discover sculptors and artisans who create work through these processes.

At the end of this workshop we will have a series of cast objects to take home and the knowledge to confidently play and experiment at home with single-use and half moulds, and the option to cast with plaster with the help of a parent.

Please bring your imagination to each workshop. This workshop is open to a range of skill levels. Activities are tailored to individuals based on age and ability. Parents are also welcome to discuss any concerns they may have with Michelle before the workshop if required.

Workshop Content

Week 1
We will build our own single-use moulds from accessible materials that can be found around the home and use them to pour a series of plaster geometric forms. Through this process, we will learn about construction & engineering, considering the volume and strength of each 3D mould and object. We will also learn about best practice in mixing plaster to create wonderful cast objects.

Week 2
This week we will bring in our own toy or object to create single-use half moulds from clay and play dough, and learn about casting plaster sculptures and reliefs. Also, now that our plaster sculptures from the first week are dry, we will have fun painting them and bringing them to life with colour.

Michelle Day

About Michelle Day

Michelle Day is an Australian based sculptor and installation artist. She has exhibited both nationally and internationally and has been the recipient of several prestigious grants. Michelle completed her MFA (by research) at Chiang Mai University Faculty of Fine Art in 2017 and her Bachelor of Visual Arts at The Australian National University School of Art in 2009 in Textiles and Sculpture.

Her work focuses on the organic world and the wonders of nature – the beautiful and the uncomfortable. She often creates her work from translucent, delicate materials paired with illumination.

Michelle believes in the importance of nurturing the unique imaginations of young creators and fostering learning through play and tactile making. In her workshops, she offers the opportunity to experiment freely, which she believes enriches children’s ability to problem-solve, be self-directed and think creatively in all aspects of their life as both children and adults.

More info

Please contact Belconnen Arts Centre via email, or phone (02) 6173 3300.