Cartooning, Drawing and Beyond

Real wild child (detail) by Stephen Harrison
Real wild child (detail) by Stephen Harrison.

Cartooning, Drawing and Beyond

With Stephen Harrison

Part of Sunday Series: Drawing

1-3pm Sunday 21 February 2021

$90 per person

Includes all materials.
This workshop is part of a focused series on drawing, taught by an array of professional artists. You can enrol in one, two or as many workshops from the series as you like.

This is a fun workshop catering for all skill levels of drawing and cartooning. We will get a brief overview of cartoon classics and focus on a few simple characters. We can then move onto creating our own characters and jokes and develop those into panel comics. These can be developed into making personalised greeting, Christmas or birthday cartoon cards. We will finish up the workshop with some fun and engaging group drawing exercises. We will use classic cartooning materials including black felt tip pens in various sizes and colouring-in pencils and markers. Participants can expect to leave with a variety of finished artworks, including greeting cards and inspiration to draw more comics.

About Stephen Harrison

Stephen has been an artist for over 37 years, specialising in painting, drawing, video, photography and cartooning. In 2012 he completed a Masters of Visual Art in Sculpture from the ANU, graduating with High Distinction. Since then he has been a finalist in most major Australian sculpture events, producing unique site-specific sculptures in a variety of mediums, including bronze. He has been the major prize winner in Sculpture in the Paddock and Sculpture in the Valley as well as a finalist six times to date in Sculpture by the Sea. Recently he completed a solo exhibition at the Helen Stephens Gallery in Collector, and installed a major sculpture on Granite Island, South Australia, as part of Sculpture Encounters. He lives and works in Murrumbateman, NSW.

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