Fluid Cartographies

Flight 2 by John Pratt.

Fluid Cartographies

Nicci Haynes, Peter McLean and John Pratt

Pivot Gallery

26 March – 9 May 2021
Opening 6pm Friday 26 March 2021

Fluid Cartographies reveals how maps and map imagery serve as source and inspiration for contemporary artists. The particular opportunities maps provide for visual artists result from their being the ultimate pictorial coincidence of exacting representation and total abstraction.

The exhibition includes John Pratt’s map fragments, reprocessed using collage and stencil to inflect new meaning and explore tenuous and fraught relationship with the natural world. Peter McLean obscures information by drawing or printing over a map, inserting the personal onto that public data. This act undermines the maps’ claim to objectivity and heightens the cultural and political subjectivity that was always present. Nicci Haynes navigates her way through a territory in which drawing is a form of mapping that charts physiological and psychological presence.

About the artists

Nicci Haynes
Nicci Haynes’ art practice leans towards performance of sorts, which, along with print, drawing and mad-scientist installations, often coalesces in the form of short videos. 

Peter McLean
Peter McLean has a deep affinity for nature and the environment. Working across a range of printmaking techniques, drawing and installation, he explores the materiality of nature and our physical, emotional and spiritual relationships with wild places.

John Pratt
John Pratt works across a range of media including drawing, printmaking, collage and projections in public space. Thematically his interest is in the figure and its relationship with both the natural landscape and constructed space – an aspect that underlies and informs his engagement with fluid cartographies.