Canberra Metro Operations and Transport Canberra Cabinets

Kirandeep Grewal, Diverse Family, 2015, 97 x 71cm, colour pencils on archival paper

Canberra Metro Operations and Transport Canberra Cabinets

Gungahlin Town Centre

Artists Kirandeep Grewal, Pinal Maniar and Aneeta Bano, all members of the Migrant Women’s Art Group, have been working with Canberra Metro Operations and Transport Canberra to feature some of their works on the light rail cabinets, coinciding with the celebration of Harmony Day 2024. We’re delighted to see this art adorning our streets – and to see more opportunities for artists to share their creativity with the public. Keep your eyes out for these wonderful works as you ride the light rail, hopefully they’ll bring a smile to your face!

Kirandeep Grewal

Kirandeep Grewal is a community artist and art educator based in Canberra. Her art practice is based upon a meditative approach to everyday life. It is a learning and sharing journey of her work which also encourages others to engage with art.

She is dedicated to involving and engaging the community in the arts through various projects. She is the founder and facilitator of the Migrant Women’s Art Group, established in 2019 and supported by Gungahlin Arts. One of her current projects is the Makers Workshop, a personal and home well-being initiative created in partnership with Multicultural Hub Canberra. In October 2022, she led art workshops for recently arrived children and their parents in Australia, with the generous support of organisations such as Vinnies, the Red Cross, the Multicultural Hub, and the ACT Library.

She was also invited to do a live painting by Geoff Filmer at the 2022 Australian of the Year Lunch at the National Gallery of Australia. Kirandeep Grewal has exhibited her work nationally and internationally, with showings in Canberra, Hobart, Launceston, Esperance, and Perth.

In 2015, she was a facilitator for the Artist by the River Projects 7 and 8 in Perth, and her dedication to the project was recognized by the Rotary Club of Swan Valley, Western Australia.

Facebook: @Kirandesignstudio

Instagram: @Kirandesignstudio


Contemplation, 2020, 26 x 20cm, acrylic on canvas.

The tranquillity of the birds’ silence has a profound impact on one’s inner being. While taking my walks during lockdown, the quietude of these birds provided me with a sense of clarity and a heightened awareness of the tumultuous world of 2020. Despite the scorching sun and the untamed breeze, their serenity remained undisturbed.

Diverse Family, 2015, 97 x 71cm, colour pencils on archival paper

The concept of a “diverse family” symbolises my deep connection with the land. One of my favourite artistic experiences was visiting the Aviary at Perth Zoo, in Western Australia where I would sketch and paint various birds. Witnessing the graceful and caring interactions between different bird species was truly captivating.

Autumn, 2023, 155X 122 cm, oil on canvas.

Autumn awakens the shifting life cycles within us. It is a season of rejuvenation and reflection, setting the stage for new beginnings. Autumn whispers of releasing the past while maintaining one’s grace and integrity.

Pinal Maniar

Pinal has her masters in textile design, guided by her love for handcrafted textiles, her expertise covers printing, weaving, dyeing, quilting, and traditional textile crafts. With extensive years in the textiles industry, she is now completely dedicated to crafting hand-made, one-of-a-kind, sustainable textiles. These creations serve as a pathway to unearthing the artistic potential of natural materials and traditional techniques. her work stands as a testament to local and sustainable production, and each artwork reverberates with the essence of the environment it was created within. Through her work, she merge creativity with an ethos of responsibility, showcasing the beauty and significance of mindful craftsmanship.


Instagram: @idyllink


Native Flowers, 2024, digital artwork

Cockatoo, 2024, digital artwork

Spring Flowers, 2024, digital repeat pattern

Aneeta Bano

Aneeta Bano is a Pakistani-born artist based in Canberra who prefers to express herself through painting. Aneeta is a postgraduate in Fine Art from Pakistan, specialising in oil painting. She has shown her work in Lahore and Canberra. In 2001, she was also involved in the ‘Beautification of Lahore’ project. Geoff Filmer and Kirandeep Grewal invited her earlier this year to collaborate on live painting at the 2022 Australian of the Year lunch at the National Gallery of Australia.

Instagram: @AneetaBano

Autumn Colours, 2022, Oil on Canvas