Breathe, Stretch, Dance, Move

Breathe, Stretch, Dance, Move

Breathe, Stretch, Dance, Move

With Rachael Hilton

4-5pm Sundays

23 May, 6 & 20 June and 4 July 2021

$80 per person

Please wear clothing comfortable to move in, light shoes, and bring a bottle of water. Carers can participate for free when attending with Companion Card holders.

This fortnightly class is about you, about de-stressing and de-cluttering; about being present and in the moment. Rachael Hilton will guide you through each session with the following offerings:

  • focused breathing to re-energise and reconnect you
  • yin yoga to relax and re-engage you
  • dance to re-vitalise and re-invigorate you
  • meditative movement to re-focus and re-ground you

Classes are based on Rachael’s training in Hilal Dance, a contemporary dance form based in Eastern philosophies and tradition. Drawing on her training in Hilal Dance, movement will include earthy, fluid and rhythmic dynamics. Classes are open to everyone. There is nothing to remember, there are no drills; this is about exploring your own movement.

Rachael Hilton

About Rachael Hilton

Rachael Hilton has over 25 years teaching experience, and creates a calm, fun and inclusive learning environment. Rachael’s aspirations for her students are to finish class on a high, feeling like they’ve connected with their bodies and had a workout through an enjoyable and energetic learning encounter.

Rachael ran independent classes for 18 years in the ACT at Gorman House and Belconnen Arts Centre, and has been teaching through Canberra Dance Theatre since 2011. She has facilitated inclusive dance classes for Belconnen Arts Centre and presented at the Arts Up Front ACT Arts Education Conference, ANU.

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