Artwork (detail) courtesy Hayden Starr


Getting to know Gungahlin artists

Gungahlin is bursting with creativity, culture and artistic activity. There are hundreds of visual artists, musicians, performers and creatives who call the region home and Gungahlin Arts is telling their stories. Artmap is a series of short videos that will take you inside artists studios, homes or favourite places and explore what it’s like to create in the region. Artists share details of their practice, explore the benefits and challenges of being a creative in this area and articulate what drew them to call Gungahlin home.

Dive into the videos and gather insight into the lives of our local artists and uncover some hidden secrets of Canberra’s north.  Keep checking back in as more videos will be added over time to enhance this portrait of the region’s creativity.

Meet Hayden Starr

About Hayden

Hayden Starr is a multimedia artist based in Canberra. With a Bachelor of Digital Media from the University of Wollongong, he works primarily in visual mediums. He has created short films, video installations, sculptures in concrete, scrap metal and wood, interactive works such as a petting zoo of rudimentary robots, and recently has been honing his skills in photography.

Thematically, Hayden’s work explores the overlaps and tensions between human and natural worlds. Using materiality, he draws connections between human and non-human constructions, highlighting the universal cycles of growth and decay. Recent work draws inspiration from his farming background and environmental concerns to investigate the parallels and conflicts between conservation and agriculture. He is excited to explore more about the challenges and joys of the human experience, especially as it increasingly plays out in digital and virtual environments. In 2019, Hayden organised and curated BARK Exhibition, featuring 21 local artists whose work encompassed reflections on the Canberra region. In 2020 he was selected as a feature artist for Art in Place, a program by Gungahlin Arts, for which he produced Golden Sun Moth, a sculpture made from found rusty scrap metal from his family’s farm. This artwork symbolised connection to family, land, and an homage to the critically endangered moth by the same name. Hayden is delighted to be a pilot artist for the Gungahlin Arts Artmap video project.

Instagram: @haydenthestarr