Artist Opportunity - Workshops


We are always looking for artists who are interested in offering fresh and engaging creative workshops, either on-site at Belconnen Arts Centre or off-site in your own studio. All workshop presenters are required to have a Working with Vulnerable People registration, which can be obtained from Access Canberra.

If you are interested in presenting workshops, read through the workshop descriptions and then fill in the Expression of Interest form below. You can also contact Creative Program Officer, Ann McMahon, to discuss at or on (02) 6173 3320.

Workshop descriptions

Term workshops
Term workshops run on a weekly basis for 6-8 weeks, during ACT government school terms, and provide the opportunity for extended exploration of a technique or creative process. They take place in the creative workshops or dance studio at Belconnen Arts Centre, running for 1-3 hours, and have set artist’s fees plus superannuation. A budget is also allocated for materials. Children’s workshops are usually held on weekends or at times that do not clash with school hours, and workshops for adults are generally held Tuesday-Thursday in the morning, afternoon and/or evening.

Sunday Sessions
Sunday Sessions are one-off workshops that are delivered on Sundays at Belconnen Arts Centre, with a set artist’s fee and a budget for materials. They serve as a “taster,” introducing participants to a technique or creative practice. These workshops can be any length, but usually range between 2-4 hours. Techniques should be relatively easy for participants to learn, and by the end of the session they should ideally have either a finished piece of work or the beginning of a piece of work they can continue at home.

Studio Masterclasses
Studio Masterclasses are delivered in an artist’s own studio space, and the artist sets their own fee (and receives superannuation). Material costs, all administration and promotion are managed by Belconnen Arts Centre. Masterclasses provide a boutique experience where participants work closely with an artist over one or two intensive days (anywhere from 4-12 hours, generally over a weekend). Participants will be immersed in the artist’s creative space and practices, gaining insight into the artist’s processes while focussing on completing a project.

Other workshops
We occasionally run special workshops that do not fit into any of the above categories, such as on-site intensives or school holiday programs. If you have a specific workshop project in mind, please contact us to discuss the details.

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