Mindfulness Stretching

Mindfulness Stretching

Mindfulness Stretching

Mindfulness StretchingTM practices help you to focus on your body and your breath allowing a deep mindfulness to calm you. The stretches are also really good for releasing the body from the chronic aches of modern life patterns.

There are two major benefits of the practices and each adds to the effectiveness of the other. Firstly, your focus on your body and breath will provide a mindfulness that calms the psyche. Secondly, the physical relaxation of the body calms your mind. A calm mind helps the body be calm, a calm body helps the mind to be calm.

The strong mind-body connection that comes from contracting and relaxing individual muscles is amazing. To be able to squeeze a muscle, you have to locate it in your mind; this simple action pushes away our usual internal self-talk. Next, you can simply observe it relaxing and this also commands your attention. David Heap talks you through the whole process, leaving you to simply feel what’s happening in your body.

The practices are best thought of as relaxation stretches. There is no great exertion involved, just relaxing and extending with the exhaling breath. By the time you’ve moved around the body, individually relaxing the major muscle groups, you will be deeply relaxed. The practices fundamentally reduce chronic muscle tightness with clever but easy and accessible stretches. This improves everyday comfort within the body and fundamentally reduces tightness. The practices are particularly beneficial for those with arms sore from computer work, sore lower back, stiff neck and/or chronically tight legs.

Mindfulness StretchingTM (formerly Flexibility Stretching) classes have helped hundreds of Canberrans since 2009. These group-based bodywork classes have participants really feel their body and bring their attention to the breath. No minimum level of flexibility or fitness is too low. As the stretching occurs as your muscle is relaxing, it’s super safe. The atmosphere of the classes is really fun and supportive, there’s no ego and no competitiveness.

The classes continue weekly during the ACT school term. Mindfulness Stretching runs 9 weekly sessions across Canberra and the surrounding area, with four sessions at Belconnen Arts Centre. Make-ups and bonus classes can be done at any of David’s sessions (across Woden, Civic & Murrumbateman).

“Still can’t believe that only one class a week provides so much benefit. Thanks David!”

“My lower back pain from my desk job has greatly reduced. When I do get pain, I now know how to stretch it out.”

“Thanks for helping me find the ‘happy dad’ inside me.”

“I really like your style of teaching. I appreciate that you take the time to correct people’s poses and give positive feedback. This adds to the class and one of the reasons why I will come back. Thank you.”

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Visit calmbeing.com.au, email David at davidjheap@gmail.com or call 0437 135 474.