IGNITE: Makers

IGNITE: Makers

IGNITE: Makers is part of a suite of accessible arts learning and development opportunities for people with lived experience of disability, mental health issues, the d/Deaf and HOH (Hard of Hearing) who experience barriers to formal training. IGNITE: Makers provides practical hands-on visual art learning experiences and is led by professional artists and tutors in a supportive and accessible environment.

IGNITE: Makers aims to assist participants to develop their full artistic potential in their own way and time. Participants engage in hands-on making projects to gain or strengthen their knowledge of specific art-making skills and techniques such as drawing, painting and sculpture. Learners are immersed in an environment of art language and concepts, enabling them to develop the vocabulary to understand and describe their art processes, analyse their work and explain their ideas in a professional arts context. Outcomes typically include creating work for exhibition, engendering a sense of achievement and assisting participants to see themselves as creative artists.

Untitled by Emma-Kate McDonald

Untitled by Emma-Kate McDonald.

IGNITE: Makers – Faces
With Emma-Kate McDonald

Thursday, 11am-1pm

6 February – 26 March 2020

This workshop will assist artists to develop a variety of skills for conveying the face in drawing. From classical proportions and bone structure, to collage, doodling, working from the photograph and a self-directed component. Artists will learn to work in a variety of mediums, with exercises to enhance artistic output and generate ideas. The group will focus on a contemporary art approach with examples from Australian and international artists.

About Emma-Kate McDonald

Emma-Kate McDonald is a graduate of ANU School of Art and Design, where she studied painting as an undergraduate. After a long period of ill health, she is beginning to show work again. Emma has attended IGNITE: Alternative Arts Academy for two years and has exhibited with the IGNITE: 7 program. She hopes to study a Master of Visual Arts, majoring in Print Media in 2020. She has lived experience of complex mental illness and disability and has worked as an art teacher and peer facilitator for two years.

Emma works in varied mediums in both painting and drawing. Collage and the use of text is a reoccurring theme in her work. She is interested in evoking literature and music, particularly poetry, in the way she chooses her subject matter and how she works with the materiality of her mediums and surfaces.

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Week 1 – Structure of the Face
Exercises will explore: Proportions (straight on and profile); simplified muscle and bone structure; and simplified noses, mouths and eyes; basic understanding of the face in European tradition.
Artists: Egon Schiele, Del Kathryn Barton, Lucian Freud.

Week 2 – Rebelling Against the Structure of the Face
Exercises will include: Adapting and exaggerating features to communicate feeling; seeing how facial structure and proportion is not the only way to make images of the face.
Artists: Joy Hester, Mirka Mora, Francesco Clemente.

Week 3 – Working from the Photograph
Exercises will include: Working from 2D images; representing the face as a series of shapes without a huge amount of detail or effort to represent 3D perspective; shape, composition and light.
Artist: David Hockney.
Participants should bring photos for source material.

Week 4 – Group Doodles/Automatism
Exercises will explore: Free drawing of faces and patterns while distracted by music/talking; making spontaneous/unconscious drawings as a group exercise and playing off each other’s images; use of text and thought bubbles.
Artists: Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring.

Week 5 – Collage Drawing
Exercises will explore: Creating a face using collage materials; combining drawings with collage; composition development.
Artists: Contemporary collage artists.

Week 6 – Faces in a Crowd
Exercises will explore: Making sketches or caricatures of people’s faces observed in public; observational drawing; quick sketches to convey an individual. 

Weeks 7 & 8 – Self-directed
These final weeks will involve self-directed generation of ideas and mind maps, in consultation with the tutor. Think about the skills you have developed and would like to take further in your practice. By the end of week 7, you should have a preliminary sketch or beginning of an artwork, which you will progress further in week 8.



Most materials will be provided.

What to bring

A5 or A4 visual arts diary. Participants should also bring photos for source material in week 3.

More info and enrolment

If you have not previously attended any IGNITE programs, please contact IGNITE Programs Officer, Penny Pollard, via penny@belcoarts.com.au or 0406 921 304 (text message only).