Biodanza: Vital Impetus!

Biodanza: Vital Impetus

Mondays > 7:45-9:15pm > 7 October – 25 November

This 8 week series is all about awakening vital impetus, this energy to act, to try, to dare and to enjoy each moment of the cycles of our life. This happens with the encouragement of the music and dances each week in a group that travels on a journey through the course.

Born in South America, Biodanza makes it easy and enjoyable to let go of the stress and busyness of the day and to move, feel, play and ‘come back to yourself’. Biodanza grew out of an appreciation for how dancing in community can fundamentally and profoundly contribute to individual and community health, wellbeing and life meaning. Grounded in the human sciences of biology, psychology, human movement and physiology as well as the arts, Biodanza is established in over 50 countries with around 3,000 facilitators worldwide.

Compelling research on the effects of Biodanza have been published in scientific journals which point to its positive effect on wellbeing and health indicators including reductions in the effects of chronic stress, increases in feelings of optimism and wellbeing and improvements in immune system strength. It is great for your mind-body-heart health and is done to inspiring music from around the world. There are no steps to learn, nothing to get right; just a progressive series of movements to cultivate positive states of body, heart and mind. Each week is a reset away from stress towards joy, contentment, health, freedom, satisfying relationships and enjoyment of life.

Biodanza: Free Taster

Monday > 7:30 – 9:30pm > 30 September

Spring is arriving with its gifts of new beginnings and fresh starts. Join us for a night to welcome spring with community, joy and lots of dancing. Monday 30 September 2019 is the next free open Biodanza in Canberra.

Originally born in South America, today Biodanza is enjoyed all over the world. It is done barefoot to inspiring music from around the world, there are no steps to learn, nothing to get right.

Before you know it Biodanza has you smiling, laughing and forgetting about the stresses of the day and remembering the joy of living. Read more at

Please book your place so we know you are coming. It is a spacious venue but the number of tickets are limited and we want you to have plenty of space to dance!


After the free class we will run an 8 week course of Biodanza – Vital Impetus!

What to expect at Biodanza sessions:

  • Music, dance and movement that free up your life force and energise your intentions
  • Enlivening of your vital energy and your natural flow
  • Inspiration and experimentation with new forms of free & guided movement
  • Uplifting connection with other people
  • You don’t need any specific dance or other experience
  • We invite you to dance barefoot if that is possible for you

About the tutors >

Biodanza tutors Claudio and Kate

Claudio Gomes and Kate Clement trained in Brazil and South Africa as Biodanza facilitators and dancers and they will present this course.

Both have been doing Biodanza for more than twenty years and bring a depth of experience, human and contagious positive energy to presenting Biodanza – the Dance of Life.

Kate completed Biodanza training in South Africa and Brazil. She has worked with Biodanza for over 18 years, and is a Director of the School of Biodanza in Australia, offering personal growth and training future Biodanza facilitators.

Claudio has been involved with Biodanza for more than 20 years and has many year of experience with Biodanza. He is an accomplished dancer and respected teacher trainer of Brazilian social dance in Australia.

Cost and Enrolment >

$190 | 8 week term, earlybird rate (enrol by 4 October)
$260 | 8 week term, regular rate (enrol from 5 October)

You can purchase the course online by following this link.

Your course is transferable to another person if for some reason you cannot attend, however it is not refundable.

Wear clothes comfortable for moving and bring yourself a water-bottle.

We always encourage you to listen to your body for feedback and take things at your own pace so you can best enjoy the whole session. There is always an uplifting start and then a restorative, slow element towards the end.

Free | Biodanza Taster

These events are popular so please ensure you book your free ticket by following this link.

More info >

Bring a bottle of water and wear clothes comfy for moving in (e.g tracksuit, shorts or leggings). We invite you to dance barefoot if that is possible for you. For more details, visit the Biodanza website, email or call 0498 006 131.